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Injustice at work (especially age discrimination) is built into the American workplace and often sanctioned by the U.S. judicial system, which is essentially out of reach to most Americans.

Injustice includes systemic abuse by bad employers, discrimination and harassment by supervisors, and mobbing by co-workers.

InjusticeAtWork.com follows relevant trends and court decisions with frequent detours into the wider world of abuse of power. It will particularly interest workers, employers, Human Resources personnel, judges, attorneys, federal and state court personnel, labor organizations, the media, etc.

InjusticeAtWork is the outgrowth of two blogs, When the Abuser Goes to Work and Age Discrimination in Employment.

I began When the Abuser Goes to Work as a public service in 2011. I edited a three-volume series on domestic violence law in the 1990s. After that, I began to notice that bad managers use power and control techniques employed by DV abusers. I discovered the U.S. is far behind other industrialized countries in protecting workers from emotional abuse, which is now recognized as a form of workplace violence.

I created the second blog, Age Discrimination in Employment, out of sheer exasperation about the blatant second-class legal status of older workers in the U.S.. Congress legalized age discrimination when it passed the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and, since then, the U.S. Supreme Court has made the problem much, much worse.

At some point, I was writing two blogs, dealing with technical break-downs, security threats, social media suppression, constant expenditures, and battling to keep really gross Google ear wax ads off my sites. InjusticeAtWork.com provides a welcome respite. Let’s see how Substack handles the stuff behind the curtain!

About Me

I am an attorney and former judge, expert witness, consultant, legal journalist, and author.

I have been widely quoted by The New York Times, Bloomberg, VOX, CNBC, AARP, SHRM, Businessweek, Fast Company, Bustle, etc.

The Society for Human Resource Management called me a “nationally known expert on employment discrimination and workplace abuse.”

My books include:

More recently, I was a senior contributor to Forbes.com. I formerly worked as a regular contributor to The ABA Journal. I began my career as a journalist for daily newspapers, including The Hartford Courant.

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You will find insights and material at InjusticeAtWork.com that will not appear anywhere else in today’s media environment (such as it is).

Few journalists today understand the legal system and, especially, the court system.

Both political parties have combined to give Americans a civil legal system serves only the powerful and wealthy. The vast majority of workers have no real protection from discrimination and especially age discrimination. They won’t know that until it happens to them, without web sites such as this one.


Patricia G. Barnes, J.D.
Attorney, former judge, author, legal journalist, and nationally-recognized expert on workplace abuse and discrimination.